Embrace Your Wild Side

Embrace Your Wild Side

Get the customized accessories that any Harley-Davidson enthusiast will love

What do you wear when you take your bike out for a mid-day ride? Proper riding attire is important to protect you from more than hitting the pavement-it also keeps you safe from blistering sunburn, deafening winds, pelting rain and flying debris you may encounter on the road.

Worried that your riding attire might not be getting the job done? Come to Custom Cycle today to find customizable riding apparel that will make you both safe and stylish.

Our personalized apparel is a perfect gift for the biker in your life

At Custom Cycle, we believe safety on the road should be a top priority for every biker - that's why our accessories are made to help protect you from the elements. We offer custom:

  • Helmets and gloves
  • Boots and chaps
  • Leather jackets and shirts

If your heart belongs gliding down the open road on the back of a Harley-Davidson, we have the perfect attire for you. Visit us today to get biker apparel that is practical and stylish.